The precious passenger

mac products are designed with their passengers in mind. That’s why safety takes a front seat. All of the essential safety learnings of Maclaren have been transferred to mac:

5-point harness

Derived from the aviation industry, a five-point harness comfortably keeps little ones in the safest place: the seat.

High visability, linked parking brakes

Linked parking brakes securely lock both rear wheels when not in motion. This keeps a mac buggy from wandering on its own when stopped to open the car door or retrieve a launched pacifier.

Large wheels

Larger diameter wheels keep the mac buggy very stable whilst under way. mac buggies easily glide over uneven surfaces without catching or tipping. An upright buggy is a safe buggy: larger wheels keep a mac on it's feet and a kid in the seat.

Newborn Safety System

The from-birth M-o1 incorporates an infant safety system, a stowable system which encircles the seat to ensure infants are well protected.

Strong and super lightweight aluminium frame

Aluminium is very light, excellent when loading the buggy into a car. It is simultaneously very strong, excellent when loading a child into the buggy — a strong frame means the buggy will be more durable, providing years of use. It also means the buggy is safer — more likely to hold its shape if there is a mishap.

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